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Applied Robotics Certification Course

Applied Robotics Certification Course

Applied Robotics Certification Course


Electrocus Solution is the best Training and Internship Company in Lucknow. This certificate course looks at Applied Robotics systems as a synergistic function between hardware and software. Participants learn the essential concepts of Robotics Systems development through a practical, hands-on approach utilizing relevant software with advanced lab.

Applied Robotics systems course is designed & developed by industrial professionals having decades of industrial experience in Robotics Domain. This Robotics training course is designed is based on practical approach I’e ‘Hands-On’ State-of-the-art equipment.

In this certified course participants will be working on different types of microcontrollers like Arduino, Raspberry pi, and different types of motor with smart intelligence. Participants will be working on different types of concepts like image recognition, object detection, Angular control, Piston and Hydraulic Control, Multiple motor control systems, Different sensor interfacing, Distance measurement, Wired, and Wireless Controlling and monitoring. Electrocus is the best institute for providing Applied Robotics Training. It helps in moderating vitality by executing different vitality effective projects for streamlined execution of the systems and to support the operation and upkeep of the establishment.


Arc Welding

Arc welding, or robot welding, became commonplace in the 1980s. One of the driving forces for switching to robot welding is improving the safety of workers from arc burn and inhaling hazardous fumes.

Spot Welding

Spot welding joins two contacting metal surfaces by directing a large current through the spot, which melts the metal and forms the weld delivered to the spot in a very short time (approximately ten milliseconds).

Materials Handling

Materials handling robots are utilized to move, pack and select products. They also can automate functions involved in the transferring of parts from one piece of equipment to another. Direct labor costs are reduced and much of the tedious and hazardous activities traditionally performed by human labor are eliminated.


Robotic painting is used in automotive production and many other industries as it increases the quality and consistency of the product. Cost savings are also realized through less rework.

Picking, Packing and Palletizing

Most products are handled multiple times prior to final shipping. Robotic picking and packaging increase speed and accuracy along with lowering production costs.

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