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AutoCAD Electrical Certification Course

AutoCAD Electrical Certification Course

AutoCAD Electrical Certification Course

Electrocus Solution is the best Training and Internship Company in Lucknow. AutoCAD Electrical is a powerful AutoCAD add-on for electrical designers and engineers. It offers automated drafting tools for designing wiring, circuiting, PLC modules, panels, and more. This course provides the training to help you get up to speed with AutoCAD Electrical quickly. Here Participants Learn how to design wiring diagrams, insert components and terminals, use PLC symbols in ladder diagrams, perform point-to-point wiring, create custom symbols, add annotations like title blocks to drawings, and run reports. Shaun also shows how to adjust settings and customize the built-in templates, and use the drawing update tools to reuse, copy, export, and verify drawings. AutoCAD Electrical is to draw power single line diagrams, motor control circuit schematics, switchboard general arrangements, and so on. In industrial contexts, all wires and terminals need to be individually numbered.
Electrocus is the best training institute for providing training over AutoCAD Electrical. Course syllabus is designed by the industrial specialist.


AutoCAD as an architectural planning tool

It comes with a user-interface with built-in design layouts. The lay-outs contain numerous templates specially designed for architectural planning and building construction. The latest versions of AutoCAD come with analytical tools. The tools can analyze the components of the building to troubleshoot the stress and load levels of building supports. AutoCAD enables architects to design, plan, execute and analyze the strength of a building, at the design stage level.

AutoCAD as an engineering drafting tool

You can use AutoCAD to draw accurate 2D drawings for any engineering domain and also use AutoCAD to  render to 3D models to help in visualization of the end product. It is useful for Civil, Mechanical and Electrical systems. It helps engineers to design, analyses and solve design issues resulting in accurate designs.

AutoCAD as a graphic design tool

AutoCAD has innate features that enable users to plan and map out spaces and take advantage of the space available. It can be used simultaneously with 3D Max and various other application software including animation tools.

AutoCAD in 3D Printing

For a 3D print of an object, one has to choose the object, get a virtual 3D representation and then feed it to the 3D printer. A 3D print has its own advantages for designers and this is where AutoCAD helps them. It ensures file compatibility so that designs can be exported to various preferred formats.

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