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Panel Designing Certification Course

Panel Designing Certification Course

Panel Designing Certification Course


Industrial control panels consist of power circuits or control circuits (or both) that provide signals that direct the performance of machinery or equipment. Industrial control panels don’t include the main power, nor do they include the controlled equipment; rather, the panel is mounted on a back panel (or subpanel) or in an enclosure, depending on the application. Industrial control panel design begins with weighing design requirements and specifications and preparing schematics, but the design process can be quite complex in order to ensure that all applicable regulatory standards and safety requirements are met.

Electrocus is the pioneer of education providing the best electrical control panel designing training in Lucknow as per the current industry requirement that enables candidates to land on their dream jobs in companies worldwide. We Provide the best electrical control panel designing training course in Lucknow.  Electrocus is a renowned training company providing the best training service and also being the best electrical control panel designing training institute rendering practical knowledge through training on projects and dedicated placement assistance for all. The course curriculum for electrical control panel designing training course is designed to provide in-depth knowledge that covers all the modules for the training ranging from basic to advanced level.

Electrocus electrical control panel designing training is supervised and managed by industrial experts having more than 5 years of experience in handling Electrical Control Panel Designing projects. Electrocus training comprises both classrooms as well as practical sessions to deliver an ideal environment for students that will enable them to handle the difficult and complex situations when they would step into the reality of the IT sector.


1. RLC & PLC control system for high power and high current rating.

2. Building power system controlling and management.

3. Lift elevator, accelerator and many motor control systems.

4. Industrial piston, pneumatics, actuators, solenoids, operating and control system.

5. DG and mains supply synchronization with different switch gear and protection system.

6. Substation and power station designing and drafting system

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