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Building IoT Applications using Raspberry Pi


  • Become familiar with Raspberry Pi (Rpi) hardware
  • Setup and Install Raspbian OS on Rpi
  • Understand how Rpi can be leveraged as an IoT gateway
  • Become familiar with Linux OS
  • Setup Rpi as an IoT gateway
  • Using Python Interface with Arduino using Serial Port Interface
  • Build Socket applications to communicate to Arduino device using Ethernet, Wifi and
  • Bluetooth interfaces
  • Build IoT applications using HTTP and MQTT protocols
  • Learn to use the Node-Red programming tool

Detailed course contents

  • Overview of Raspberry Pi (RPi) hardware platform
  • Peripherals on Rpi
  • Setup and Install Raspbian OS on Rpi
  • Overview of Linux OS and its sub-systems
    • Process
    • Memory Management
    • Multi-Threading
    • IPC
  • Linux CLI and important commands
  • Linux File System
    • Everything is a file concept in Linux
    • Device Access using system calls
  • Install packages on Raspbian OS
  • Setting up Raspbian as an IoT gateway
  • Write Python program to interface with Arduino using serial libraries
  • IoT Communication Models and Protocols
    • Request-Response, Publish-Subscribe, Push-Pull, Exclusive Pair
    • Application Protocols: HTTP, CoAP, MQTT, AMQP
    • Communication APIs: REST-based, WebSocket-based
    • Network Layer: IPv4, IPv6, 6LoWPAN
  • Building python based programs to communicate to cloud server using various application
  • protocols
  • Develop a complete python based application IoT application Rpi as a device
  • Interfacing with sensors and actuators using GPIO pins
  • Interfacing with the camera on Rpi
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