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Core .NET Syllabus

Framenet .Net

Entity Framework

  • The Entity in 'Entity Framework'
  • Entity Framework Backend
  • Entity Framework Features
  • The EDM in the Designer Window
  • Code Generation from EDM to Classes
  • CSDL: The Conceptual Schema Definition Language
  • SSDL: The Store Schema Definition Language
  • Querying the Model
  • LINQ to Entities Queries
  • Entity SQL Queries
  • EntityClient Queries
  • Translation of Queries to Database Queries
  • Cud Operation inEntity Framework
  • How ObjectContext Manages Entities
  • Adding New Entities
  • Updating entities
  • Deleting Entities
  • Stored Procedure with EDM
  • Adding Stored Procedures to the Model
  • Working with Functions
  • Implementing Functions
  • Mapping Table
  • Mapping Table per Type Inheritance
  • Implementing Table per Hierarchy Inheritance
  • Mapping Table per Concrete (TPC) Type Inheritance
  • Using Entity Splitting to Map a Single Entity to More Than One Table
  • Using Conditional Mapping
  • Creating Complex Types
  • Using DefiningQuery
  • Deconstructing Relationships in the Entity Data Model
  • Defining Relationships Between Entitie
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