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Micro-controller programming using Arduino platform


  • Understand Embedded Systems and their components
  • Learn how to build embedded applications using Arduino Platform
  • Become familiar with hardware interfacing using Arduino
  • Should be able to read device datasheets and board schematics
  • Learn basic communication protocols and communicate using Arduino Libraries
  • Build IoT applications using wired and wireless protocols (ex: Bluetooth, Wifi)
  • Debug applications using Arduino IDE

Detailed course contents

  • Overview of Embedded Systems
  • Components of Embedded Systems
  • Micro-controller Architecture and Properties
  • Installing and Setting up the Arduino development environment
  • Blinky Sketch – A walkthrough
  • Arduino Sketches
  • Classes
  • Sketch Structure
  • Pins
  • Arduino Shields
  • Hands-on working with GPIOs, Analog I/Os, Memory usage
  • Microcontroller peripherals usage - Timers, Counters, Interrupts and its sources
  • Communication protocols I - UART, SPI, I2C, CAN
  • Interfacing IoT Sensors and Actuators
  • Debug applications using Arduino IDE
  • Communication protocols II – Wired and Wireless communication
    • Ethernet Client-Server Implementation
    • Build WiFi Application
    • Build Bluetooth Application

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