Free AutoCAD Certification Course

About AutoCAD Course?

In this beginner AutoCAD class, you'll learn basic drawing and modifying techniques for
drafting and technical drawing, using AutoCAD to create drawings that can be used to build
and real objects both mechanical and architectural. We'll cover basic methods of printing
and plotting layouts and sheets, working between model space and paper space, and scaling
drawings through viewports. Learn techniques for inserting blocks, making text,
dimensioning drawings, and working with layers and templates.

Why You Should Learn AutoCAD?

Architects use auto cad extensively and budding architects are supposed to attend an Institute. AutoCAD Architecture is a version of AutoCAD specifically created for architects with features for efficient drafting, creating designs and architectural documents. AutoCAD is the standard to which all other CAD software like a chief architect, sketch up and ArchiCAD are compared. It occupies the greatest market share for architects. If used correctly, with proper sheet setups and reference files can produce very great results. Using different CAD software, that only about 5% of Architects use would make no sense at all and might lead to work delays and workflow disruptions. Any student aspiring to become an architect should attend an AutoCAD training.

About Electrocus Solution?

Electrocus is dedicated to research, development & training program in the field of Electronics & Electrical devices and technologies. It has multiple services like PLC, SCADA system, Panel installation, building automation of different industries and plants. It is active in the field of IoT, Circuit Designing, Embedded System, Software and Website development with a remarkable growth of industrial services. We provide internship programs in the field of Industrial automation, Product development, application development on different platforms. We are associated with different industries and we offer placement for interns. We also provide services and training on mechanical and civil structure and architecture.


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    • Our vision is to fulfill the requirement of industrial services & upgrading the technologies & expanding the dimension of placement for graduates/undergraduates/postgraduates/scholars in multiple fields

Course Syllabus

Module 1

    • Introduction
    • Loading Auto CAD, Screen Organization
    • Entering Auto CAD Commands, Menus, Command Line, Functions Key
    • Coordinate System, entering, distances and angles
    • Basic drawing commands: (point, line, arc, circle, polygon, ellipse, donut, p line)
    • Starting a new drawing, naming and saving, ending session, ray, multiline, sketch
      • Assignment 01

Module 4

    • Erase, offset, , copy, scale, array, move, break, trim, fillet, chamfer, mirror, rotate, pedit, stretch extend, use of grips, change, ddmodify, explode, divide, match property
    • Assignment 04

Module 7

    • Block, wblock, insert, minsert, explode, base, external reference, organizing a
      block library
    • Assignment 07

Module 2

    • Units, Limits, status, snap grid, ortho , rotated, snap, osnap and options.
    • use of functions keys layers, right click customization
    • Managing drawing files (end, save, quit, files rename)
    • Assignment 02

Module 5

    • Hatching, ucsicon , line type, ltscale, isoplane and isometric, elevation, layering hatch
      patterns, Colors
    • Assignment 05

Module 8

    • Dimension styles, dimensioning commands, , limits, dimension setup,
      , dimension scale
    • Assignment 08

Module 3

    • Help, undo and u, redo, point, filters
    • Calculator/Geometric Calculator
    • Display commands: zoom, pan, redraw, redraw all, regen, regenall, regenauto, view, viewers
    • Assignment 03

Module 6

    • Text, dtext, justifying text, text fonts, ddedit, entext, modify, style, qtext, special
    •  Assignment 06

Module 9

  • Projects
    • For Civil
      • Building Design
      • Modern Hotel
    • For Mechanical
      • Engine Parts
      • Suspension Shock Absorber
  •  Assignment 06

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