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About Advance Industrial Automation Course?

Automation is playing a key role in Industries. Industries rely heavily on automation
for economic viability and mass production. It is important for the students to learn basic of
automation, how system works and importance of PLC, SCADA and robots in automation. This
course will provide opportunity to learn industrial automation techniques

Why You Should Learn Advance Industrial Automation?

The automation industry is facing a worker shortage, which stems from a variety of issues such as misperceptions and a lack of understanding of what a career in the industry looks like. Companies and individuals within the industry, however, are working on changing that with better name recognition, fun educational events, exciting technology applications, and opportunities.

About Electrocus Solution?

Electrocus is dedicated to research, development & training program in the field of Electronics & Electrical devices and technologies. It has multiple services like PLC, SCADA system, Panel installation, building automation of different industries and plants. It is active in the field of IoT, Circuit Designing, Embedded System, Software and Website development with a remarkable growth of industrial services. We provide internship programs in the field of Industrial automation, Product development, application development on different platforms. We are associated with different industries and we offer placement for interns. We also provide services and training on mechanical and civil structure and architecture.


    • Electrocus persisting reliable& successful growth in the field of production, training & placement.
    • Our vision is to fulfill the requirement of industrial services & upgrading the technologies & expanding the dimension of placement for graduates/undergraduates/postgraduates/scholars in multiple fields

Course Syllabus

Module 1

    • Introduction Of Industrial Automation
    • Software Discussion
    • Tools used in I.A.
    • Job & Career Opportunity
    • Assignment 01

Module 4

    • Sensor Interfacing
    • Conveyor Interfacing 
    • Panel Interfacing 
    • Application Based 3D Modelling
    • Assignment 04

Module 7

    • Compilation Between RLC & PLC
    • RLC & its importance
    • RLC switch, gear & Protection
    • Assignment 07

Module 2

    • Programming in PLC
    • Ladder Logic Programming 
    • Practical Demonstration
    • Assignment 02

Module 5

    • Electrical Hardware Interfacing 
    • Simulation Of SLD
    • Assignment 05

Module 8

    • VFD Description
    • HMI Description
    • SCADA 
    • Industry 4.0
    • Assignment 08

Module 3

    • PLC programming - Application Based
    • Factory I/O Interfacing 
    • Assignment 03

Module 6

  • Electrical Network Designing
  • Electrical Network Simulation
  • Electrical Network Modelling
  • Electrical Network Testing
  •  Assignment 06

Module 9

    • Working on Project type 1(Basic)
    • Working & Modelling Project Type 2(Advance)
    • Working & Modelling Project Type 3(Industrial)
    •  Assignment 06

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